A warm welcome to Positively Living. I’m glad you found your way here!

My name is Bernie Schreck. I have been teaching mindfulness meditation for over 20 years and offer programs in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Reiki and Positively Living on the Big Island of Hawaii. You can read more about my background on the About page.

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How Can Training in Positively Living Help You?

I enjoy sharing simple tools and easy to learn practices that will enable you to:

  • Be more proactive about your well-being;
  • Actively engage in your own healing;
  • Enhance the quality of your life;
  • Cultivate more joy, happiness and ease;
  • Tap into your innate resources to face challenges and stress;
  • Connect with your own inner wisdom to make healthier choices;
  • Learn to live to your fullest capacity as a human being;
  • Discover a deeper sense of wellness, balance and self-reliance.

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What is Positively Living?

I chose the phrase “Positively Living” to describe my work because an optimistic attitude is crucial for healing, learning, and personal growth. A positive view is also the basis for a fulfilled, joyful and happy life!

For me, looking at life positively includes:

1) A deep appreciation for what we have in our lives at this very moment.

2) Being realistic. We don’t ignore what may be missing. Instead we are realistic and fully acknowledge any lacks and limitations we may presently experience.

3) Finally, being positive means being constructive. We understand that we can change our present situation for the better and use our lives to grow, learn and heal.

The Vision of Mindfulness

At the heart of training in Positively Living, lies the vision of a mindful life. Living with mindfulness is about developing our capacity for mindfulness and awareness so that we can live authentically as awake and caring people. Through mindfulness-based training we learn to connect with a mindful way of being that embodies the heart of human existence. It helps us to feel more alive, tuned in to our bodies, and connected with our deeper self.

Mindfulness is actually a skill we can learn and practice to develop our ability to live consciously and, hence, make smarter, happier, and healthier choices. When we are present in the moment, we are able to embrace life more fully and even face difficulties and challenges with dignity, wisdom and an open heart.

In one way, this is the most simple and natural way of living we could possibly imagine.  It is nothing more than reconnecting with the wholeness that is already present within and tapping into our own inner resources.

At the same time, it can be a challenging endeavor because our habitual tendencies and the speed of modern life tend to disconnect us from our deeper selves.  And so our lives are often dominated by moments of “mindlessness” – times when we are forgetful, lose our awareness, operate on automatic, and feel disconnected from ourselves and our bodies. Mindfulness-based training helps us to peel away the layers that obscure our fundamental nature, strength and goodness. Reconnecting with our true self is a rich life long path and practice.

Mindfulness: the Essence of Healing

Reconnecting with the wholeness of our being is the essence of healing. The most powerful way for achieving this is through directly training in mindfulness and awareness. Fortunately, mindfulness is something we can all easily learn and begin to practice right away. Through regular practice, we gradually dissolve the “mindlessness” that keep us from experiencing life fully.

Accessing our innate ability to be present and aware is also extremely practical because mindlessness often costs us precious time, money, and happiness.

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