Course Outline

The MBSR program developed at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) involves eight weekly 2 1/2 hour classes and a one-day retreat. Positively Living sometimes offers this course as four half day classes and a one day retreat over a period of eight weeks. For many participants this slightly modified format works better with their life situation.

The approach of the MBSR course is very practical and experiential. It balances step by step guidance and methodical presentations with group participation, support, and encouragement.  The methods introduced in this course are presented in the form of simple, creative, joyful yet very powerful and effective exercises. They include:

  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation;
  • Gentle stretching and simple yoga exercises;
  • Group discussion and specific exercises for cultivating awareness in everyday life;
  • Individually personalized instruction;
  • Daily assignments for home practice;
  • Home practice CDs and written materials.

Previous experience with meditation or yoga is not necessary. At the same time, the program will work in harmony with any practice you may already engage in.

What you can expect

This course will provide a safe, supportive and comfortable environment for anyone facing illness, stress, emotional turmoil, or other life challenges. It is offered as a complement, and not a replacement, to traditional medical and psychological treatments.
Published research reveals that most individuals who complete a MBSR program experience:

  • Lasting reductions in physical and psychological symptoms;
  • An increased capacity for relaxation and greater life balance;
  • Reduced pain levels and an improved ability to deal with any pain that remains;
  • More energy and zest for life;
  • A growth in productivity and enhanced concentration levels;
  • More positive self-esteem;
  • Improved stress management in response to both short and long-term stress.

Following the program requires an ongoing commitment to yourself. You will be asked to attend all classes including the orientation session and to practice at home for 45-60 minutes six days a week.

Please look at the Courses Page of this site for details about upcoming courses. Personal instruction for individuals or couples, as well as programs for companies and organizations can also be arranged.